There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy. William Shakespeare

Because the creative idea may materialize at any instant and from any thing…

It is infinitely easier with art because artists listen to their intuition and come up with insights and solutions that are there for all to see.
But it’s our job to know how to unearth them, beyond the familiar designations.

An example?

A painting from the 1500s by Veronese, if observed through the left side of the brain – analytical, practical, logical and rational – it is an oil painting that portrays a very beautiful woman sumptuously clothed in a blue velvet gown with a kind of white voile duster held in place on the shoulders by ostentatious embossed gold and pearl jewels. Stop.

If, on the other hand – hard to say how it’s done – we observe the painting through right brain perceptions – non-verbal, concise, global, energetic and creative – we imagine that an impressive epaulette like the one in the painting could take an everyday denim jacket to a whole new level…